I think that SLOW BULLETS is a good place to start. In my Amazon review I gave it 3 stars, but I could just as readily have given it 4. In the space of a novella of 192 pages, or an audiobook of just under 4 and a half hours, we have a new world sketched out with great clarity in such a relatively small space. We have the sense of wonder of space opera combined with philosophical ideas about memory and forgetting, and their relation to identity. There is also a breaking free of the gender stereotypes that sometimes go with space opera: the most important characters, except for the vilain, are women, and they are treated in a much more human way than for example in Peter Hamilton’s space operas. What begins as military science fiction grows into more philosophical speculative fiction. So I would recommend this book to those who would like to get an idea of the range of Reynolds’s speculative imagination, his approach to technology in SF, and his sympathetic treatment of human beings.


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